EchoLeaf Archiving: Standards-Based, Reliable, Flexible, Environmentally Friendly

EchoLeaf creates a hybrid environment for computer storage , giving you the ease-of-use of disk-based archive solutions, with the economy of tape-based Hierarchical Storage Management. EchoLeaf uses LTFS the Linear Tape File System - to create a straightforward tape-based archive that is flexible and easy to manage. To understand the value of EchoLeaf there are three layers of benefits. First, the advantages of modern, IBM tape technology; Second, the added advantages of LTFS; And finally the full-solution value from EchoLeaf Systems.

Disk v Tape

Advances in tape technology make it secure, highly reliable, and far less expensive than disk for almost any archiving use case.


The Linear Tape File System makes tape “self-describing” and is a widely adopted standard. The data on LTFS tapes is not tied to the system that writes it.


EchoLeaf adds ease-of-use and added functionality to LTFS, helping to fulfill the promise of the LTFS standard.

EchoLeaf Offers Scalable Archiving Solutions

EchoLeaf can be used for general purpose archiving, Banking and Insurance,  Disaster Recovery, Medical Imaging, and Media and Entertainment use cases. In each case, you will find that EchoLeaf is less expensive to deploy than traditional disk, far less expensive with a multi-year TCO analysis (often less expensive than Cloud storage) and more secure in many regards.

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    EchoLeaf provides high reliability, WORM capabilities, and low cost for critical Medical archives


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    EchoLeaf and Champion professionals can help you create a DR strategy for both generic and application specific data.

    Disaster Recovery

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    EchoLeaf can provide a low cost solution for long term archives that can meet state and federal compliance standards.

    Banking & Insurance

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    EchoLeaf tapes can integrate with existing workflows providing low cost portability and features to support protection copies and central asset consolidation.

    Media & Entertainment


LTFS Technology

EchoLeaf Systems provides the needed bridge between basic LTFS functions (from IBM) and the ease of use needed for successful storage deployments. The EchoLeaf “front end” is an easy to install disk-based appliance that can be specifically configured to your organization’s needs. And to individuals and other applications, the EchoLeaf Virtual Drive looks like conventional NAS storage. You can “see” it on the network, drag and drop data to it, copy data, retrieve data, and apply any standard network security functions.


Cost Effective While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The Clipper Group report on Tape Systems indicates that power consumption of tape-based storage can be lower than disk storage by a factor of 256!   Our own analysis, based on power consumption figures provided by vendors, shows a considerable savings in carbon footprint for tape-based systems. For example, a PB of high-end disk storage, in a year, will burn energy with an equivalence of 1 ½ tanker trucks full of fuel (the equivalent of 12,000 gallons of gas) per year. By comparison, an equivalent PB of EchoLeaf storage will use the equivalent of 600 gallons of gas in a year.In other words, in addition to the obvious costs savings, EchoLeaf can help your organization achieve reductions in carbon footprint, making real claims of efforts to be Green.

Tapes Last 25+ Years

Tape Energy Costs
1/200th of Disk

LTFS is an Established
International Standard

EchoLeaf UI
– Easy To Use / No Need
for a Command Line

EchoLeaf – Cost Savings
of Tape / Ease-Of-Use of Disk

EchoLeaf – “Set It And Forget
It” Long Term Archiving

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