Surveillance Video

In the case of surveillance storage, EchoLeaf offers certain special features in addition to the basic storage package. These features can be turned on or off at the users discretion.


  • Data can be written to tapes in strict chronological order of recording, allowing easy offline archival and retrieval of files from a specific date period.
  • Data can be preserved, by policy, in multiple locations for retrieval in the event of catastrophic failure on site.
  • Data can be collected in multiple sites, saving transfer bandwidth costs, and later held offline or consolidated into a larger centralized archive.
  • Tapes maintain visible file structures, which normally correspond to specific cameras or sensors, allowing easy retrieval and analysis.
  • One or many tapes can easily be copied by the system for distribution among multiple analysts at multiple sites.
  • Tapes from smaller test systems can be integrated into larger repositories for full integration of all surveillance content.
  • EchoLeaf LTFS Surveillance solutions are non-interruptive to any present operations – other than the fact that they can extend retention windows and dramatically lower the cost of storing surveillance video.
  • EchoLeaf LTFS can be configured never to erase any video once written (without the explicit reformatting of a tape.) In other words, as an “append-only” medium, tape provides significant forensic value as to the authenticity of any surveillance video.
  • EchoLeaf engineers can adjust system behavior to the needs of your installation.