The EchoLeaf LTFS Solution for Medical Imaging provides a simple network storage target for medical imaging systems, either as main storage or as an adjunct (tertiary storage) to a main disk storage system.

As a primary advantage over disk, once written to tape (usually after the 72 hour window when studies may be changed), LTFS offers WORM functionality that protects a study from further changes. In fact, tape is an “append only” medium that only allows logical, never physical deletes. In other words, once written to tape, the studies on the tape cannot be deleted unless the tape is literally reformatted.

Additionally, EchoLeaf LTFS offers a number of options for multiple file redundancy including creating a second discrete copy of any study, creating a copy on a physically separate piece of media in the same library, or creating tertiary copies of studies on an additional EchoLeaf system separated geographically.  And depending on “hot read” needs, EchoLeaf can also be configured to expedite retrieval of all of a particular patient’s studies.