The Clipper Group report on Tape Systems indicates that power consumption of tape-based storage can be lower than disk storage by a factor of 256! Our own analysis, based on power consumption figures provided by vendors, shows a considerable savings in carbon footprint for tape-based systems. For example, a PB of high-end disk storage, in a year, will burn energy with an equivalence of 1 ½ tanker trucks full of fuel (the equivalent of 12,000 gallons of gas) per year. By comparison, an equivalent PB of EchoLeaf storage will use the equivalent of 600 gallons of gas in a year.



In other words, in addition to the obvious costs savings, EchoLeaf can help your organization achieve reductions in carbon footprint, making real claims of efforts to be Green.

EchoLeaf Systems Lowers the TCO of Storage by 5X – 10X!

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