Ease of Use:

Your Champion Solutions Group professionals can help you design an EchoLeaf system, from very small to very large. What you will find is that the cost of EchoLeaf system, regardless of size, will be highly competitive (and probably less expensive) than a disk system of equivalent size. However, with a 5 year TCO analysis, you will find that EchoLeaf storage will be far less expensive than your disk deployment, and will be highly competitive with even the lowest cost Cloud storage.

EchoLeaf shields you from the complexity of operating a tape archive. Our “Set-It-And-Forget-It” philosophy lets our professionals install an EchoLeaf system that looks like standard NAS. You can allocate Folders, provide security, and offer users direct access (to their own storage pool) or provide a landing zone for network applications. When you do that, the EchoLeaf Virtual Drive simply looks like a very large network drive. The details of addressing the tape automation, where data gets stored, and how tapes are organized, are all handled