Banking and Insurance:

Both the Banking and Insurance industries are beginning to make the distinction between the backup of daily transactional data, and the archiving of essential business and financial information that may be seldom accessed, but is critical for the long term protection of those companies against legal and regulatory threats. One banking group described it this way – “We now need to store everything – forever!”

Best practices demand that Banking and Insurance companies make a conscious determination about the data that should become a part of a long term archive. This typically includes both correspondence and data.

Correspondence can be organized by department and client, and is usually placed in a “to-be-archived” location on the network. The Virtual Drive system can move even complex file structures intact, and allow the restoration of those files (or database snapshots) to any location.

In addition, the Virtual Drive system can be tuned to allow separate departmental information to appear on discrete data cartridges. By controlling which specific data cartridges (or sets of data cartridges) get specific data-sets, the EchoLeaf Virtual Drive system also allows for several other useful benefits.

  • Specified data-sets can be stored redundantly – either by ensuring that the data is on different cartridges within the same library, or by creating duplicate archive sets in different geographic locations. (Champion Solutions Group can help design the mix of archive and data-redundancy appropriate for your organization.)
  • Once specific cartridges are identified with specific data-sets and/or being from a specific date range (e.g. all archive data for a particular calendar year) those cartridges can be held in an offline location. And when data is accessed from those offline cartridges, the Virtual Drive system indicates which tapes need to be brought to the archive to restore the data.

Remember the unique feature of LTFS: Even data cartridges removed from the archive carry all of the needed index and file information either to retrieve the data from those stand-alone cartridges, or to help restore a central database should it ever be corrupted.

EchoLeaf operates in concert with existing backup systems to provide a discreet, long-term archiving solution for Banking and Insurance companies.